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Harbourfront Wealth Management joined hands with Harbourfront Gives Foundation to contrinute to the Red Cross and United Nations High Commission for Refugees. Thank you to our generous team, advisors, and CEO, Danny Popescu for their contribution to others during this very difficult time.

Helping to bring hope to Ukraine

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Red Cross

“Money raised will enable the Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement to respond to humanitarian needs generated by almost eight years of conflict, as well as preparedness and response efforts due to heightened tensions in Ukraine. The support could include preparedness, immediate and ongoing relief efforts, long-term recovery, resiliency, and other critical humanitarian activities as needs arise, both in Ukraine and surrounding countries, including supporting populations displaced.”- Red Cross

The Red Cross helps people and communities around the world by advocating governments to protect their human rights and offering humanitarian aid. They work to improve the situation of the most vulnerable in every country and are a part of the largest humanitarian aid organization in the world with millions of volunteers.

They have played a part in offering neutral humanitarian support in times of war, natural disaster and crises around the globe. Their efforts continue to shape the landscape of humanitarian law and the level of respect that governments uphold to these laws.

Their actions and decision making are based upon:

  • Humanitarian values, expressed in the Fundamental Principles
  • Respect, dignity, and inclusiveness.
  • Integrity, accountability, effectiveness, transparency, and adaptability.
  • Quality and safety.

Fundamental Principles of Humanity

  • Impartiality
  • Neutrality
  • Independence
  • Voluntary Service
  • Unity
  • Universality

Canadian Red Cross
International Committee of the Red Cross

Harbourfront Supports Ukraine
United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees

“UNHCR has stepped up our operations and capacity in Ukraine and neighbouring countries. We remain firmly committed to support all affected populations in Ukraine and countries in the region. Your support can help ensure that Ukrainians forced to flee their homes are sheltered and safe.

Ukraine has been declared a Level 3 emergency. This is the highest level we have.” – UNHCR

UNHCR maintains that every individual has the right to seek asylum and find safe refuge. They aim to make a lasting impact in the lives of individuals forced to flee by helping them with their rights and wellbeing. Operations are in 132 countries with all sorts of landscapes from major cities to remote and dangerous locations.

Work is done with authorities, UN agencies, internally displaced community groups and partners to assist in humanitarian efforts and to ensure the 1951 Refugee Convention is honoured.

In aiming to protect the most vulnerable, UNHCR has helped millions of people find places to start over and strives to provide opportunity for refugees to return home when the environment is safe again. Practical help includes clean water, sanitation, healthcare, shelter, blankets, household goods, transportation, assistance packages and income-generating projects.


  • Provide shelter to those who need it most.
  • Advocate to transform policies and services that affect displaced people.
  • Aim to ensure that all people forced to flee have access to life-saving healthcare.
  • Safeguard individuals, helping millions of people globally to rebuild broken lives.

Currently UNHCR is on the ground in Ukraine.


Red Cross


The International Red Cross is created to assist victims of armed conflict through direct action and International Humanitarian Law. With the adoption of the first Geneva convention, a treaty is created requiring armies to care for wounded soldiers on any side. A symbol is created to represent neutrality, which we know today as the red cross with a white background.

WWI 1914-1918

Work expands to connect prisoners of war with families through the newly created Central Prisoner of War Agency in Geneva. Volunteers act as aid to the wounded on the battlefield in hospitals. Red Cross visits prisoners of war and intervene in the use of war tools causing extreme suffering.


A time of peace in Europe shifts focus on Ethiopia, South America, the Far East, and civil wars such as Spain.

WWII 1939-1945

Red Cross experiences growth and works diligently to supply relief support globally to prisoners of war and civilians. They continue to provide aid and protect victims of all sides and exchange millions of messages between prisoners of war and families. Unfortunately, they failed to act in a timely manner to protect victims of the Holocaust, frozen due to tradition and legality.

1945 onwards

Red Cross works to strengthen International Humanitarian Law and gain the respect of governments towards it. They have dealt with many issues such as Israel and Palestine, Syria, Ebola, and the Haiti Earthquake. Red Cross Canada celebrated its 100th birthday in 1996 and worked on helping many important issues in the areas of public health, first aid training, disaster relief and now Ukraine.


Canadian Red Cross
International Committee of the Red Cross

United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees


UNHCR was created because of WWII, with efforts dedicated to helping millions of Europeans who had fled due to the loss of their homes.


First Nobel Peace Prize is awarded to UNHCR for their groundbreaking efforts in Europe.


Helped with 200,000 refugees fleeing the Hungarian revolution to enter Austria.


Work is done with the decolonization of Africa and uprooted people in Asia and Latin America.


Second Nobel Peace Prize is won for worldwide assistance of refugees.

21st century

UNHCR is operating to assist refugees with more than 17,878 personnel working in 132 countries. The budget grew from its first year of US$300,000, to US$8.6 billion in 2019.

70th anniversary was celebrated in 2020. In its lifetime, the UNHCR has helped over 50 million refugees.



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Harbourfront Wealth Donates to UNHCR for Ukraine