Harbourfront Earthquake Relief (Türkiye & Syria)

Help provide urgent earthquake relief!

Fundraising Goal: $10,000

The Harbourfront team is committed to raising funds to provide relief from the devastating earthquake in Turkiye (Turkey) and Syria which has impacted over 13 million people – one in every six people. Our team’s goal is to raise $10,000 to provide food, water, shelter, blankets, and psychological support.

New Update: On February 27, a new earthquake struck Turkey, rattling an already devastated region. The latest, measuring 5.2 in magnitude, shook parts of the same area stricken by a far stronger quake on February 6 that killed more than 50,000 people in the country and in neighboring Syria. 

The powerful 7.8-magnitude earthquake, on February 6, and hundreds of aftershocks, rocked southeastern Türkiye (Turkey) and northern Syria. At the time of publication, the death toll has already reached 21,000 people and is growing.

Survivors who have been forced to flee their homes are now facing freezing temperatures. Infrastructure is heavily damaged, and we know that means people will struggle to find safe shelter, water, and food.

Impacts and humanitarian needs in Türkiye:

  • At least 21,000 deaths and 70,000 injuries have been confirmed by the Government of Türkiye.
  • Kahramanmaras and Gaziantep are among the most impacted provinces.
  • At least 2,818 buildings have reportedly collapsed in the country.

Impacts and humanitarian needs in Syria:

  • According to local authorities, at least 3,300 deaths and 5,000 injured people have been reported in north-west Syria. The numbers are expected to continue to climb.
  • At least 325 buildings have been partially damaged and 224 were completely destroyed in 17 subdistricts.
  • Preliminary assessments indicate that the sub-districts of Harim, Atmeh, Sarmada, Atareb, and Kafr Takharim are among the worst hit areas

Meryem Aslan, Oxfam spokesperson in Ankara, said: “The scale of destruction is vast. Following two big earthquakes and over 60 aftershocks, people are still in shock and fear, they don’t even have time to mourn the lost ones.” She managed to reach family and friends in affected areas by phone – thankful they were alive and well – but many buildings and home were now rubble, she said.

Oxfam calls on the international community to meet the urgent needs of those affected by the earthquake in Turkiye and Syria, and to facilitate aid delivery to both countries along with a longer-term plan to support the survivors in the recovery efforts.

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